Monday, February 9, 2009


Due to a recent request, here is a photo and description of the people I spend most of my time with. Hopefully more sense will be made in your head, and you will be able to put a face with the characters in the story of my life.

This is my roommate, Lindsey. She is from Pittsburgh. She goes to Duquesne University. She was very happy when the Steelers won. Her major is Communications Marketing and she is interning at Marie Curie Cancer Research. She studied in Rome last fall, so she has a lot of experience when it comes to traveling and booking flights and hostels. We like the same music and food and clothes and are basically the same person. One down fall.. her shoe size is one size bigger than mine...

This is Kristen and Dana. They are my flatmates. They share the room down the hall. Kristen is from Texas and goes to Texas Tech. She is a Business major and is interning at Radisson Hotels. She is hilarious. She always tells it like it is. Her obsession with CocaCola is borderline unhealthy. She owns 500 dvds and she wears a red coat. Dana is from New York and studied at McGill in Canada. She is not an intern. Her major is Neuroscience. She loves to dance. She is the youngest out of all of us so we have adopted her as our little sister. Her phone gets the Internet anywhere in the world so she is always sharing it with us so we can check our facebooks when we aren't around computers for a while.

This is Elizabeth. She is my other flatmate. She lives in the single room between us. She is really into theater and Harry Potter. She has an awesome sense of humor and a bunch of colored tights that she lets us borrow. She is a healthy eater which has been a good influence on me. She is from Michigan and is interning at the National Archives (I'm not really sure what that is). She went to Richmond last term, too, which has been a big help when we have questions about the tube or sightseeing around London. Her hair is orange.

This is Tom and Jules. They are our British friends. They have brought us all around London and Southern England. They have introduced us to a bunch of their friends and family members. They love Americans. They are perfect gentleman and have really taken us under their wings. Jules goes to Richmond and is an amazing Poker player (He won 100K pounds last night). Tom goes to uni in Bristol. He is going to be a dentist. They have taught us so much about the English Culture and we talk for hours about the differences between our lifestyles. They're great.

This is Eric and Devan. They live in the flat next door to ours. They both are degree students here at Richmond, which means they will go here all 4 years. Eric is from New Jersey. He is very responsible and considerate. He always lets us know when they are going out to eat or to the pub down the street. He is always laughing and asking questions about everything. Devan is was born in Detroit, but has lived in Shanghai for the past 11 years. He speaks Mandarin. Its so cool to listen to. He is a really good graffiti artist and rugby player. He has a bunch of movies, ones that are even still in theaters, so we have movie nights with him all the time. We cook dinner together, a lot. They are the H Flat boys and we love them to bits.

This is Piet and Seb. They are also degree students. They live down the street but hang out at Montford all the time (Montford is the name of the house we live in... every house in England has a name). Piet is from Italy and he knows how to play scopa!!! He is such a sweetheart. Even though he is only 19, he said he thinks of us as his little sisters. Seb is from Madrid. He is always looking out for Piet, Dev and Eric. The things he says in his accent are hilarious. The 8 of us go down the street to our pub, sit, drink and laugh, for hours. It's awesome.

Though I have met and befriended many more people, these are the friends I am going to miss the most when I leave.

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Claudia said...

that's a diet coke...right?

rcd826 said...

coca cola... haha!

alison said...

yay! thanks, rach! :) it's so great to match the faces and names to backgrounds for your new and amazing friends. what an awesome group of people. I hope they will come visit you so we can meet them and show them what a cool place Boston is... xoxo