Sunday, March 21, 2010


can't really bring myself to record all the details of this trip as i usually do. it was extremely difficult to put this experience into words. it was everything you could imagine a yoga retreat in mexico to be. but better.

i have a journal where i tried my hardest to capture what i was seeing and feeling. if you really, really want to know some details i'd be happy to let you flip though. the thought of transferring those written words into binary code pixels seems a little forced.

the basic jist of the everything, in my life and in the world:
over the week, i, for some unknown reason, was able to focus on myself. entirely. i meditated every day. i had some of the most amazing conversations of my life. yoga was so healing. what a perfect spring break we planned. timing-wise and activity-wise. everything i did made me think about myself and my well being. i got a reiki treatment done by an old shaman healer. he told me sentences at the end that were the thoughts i had been thinking all week but put into someone else's words. he told me that i had a heavy heart. and that i needed to let light in to it. i needed to become more confident in myself because once that happened i would be able to share so much more beautiful energy with the world. he told me i needed to trust myself. and listen to my third eye and my intuition. he said my heart was always telling the truth. and the beliefs i tend to ignore and disregard are my reality. and that i need to listen to them. at the time i took it for what it was. it felt emotional and spiritual and real and unreal. and couldn't really process everything and put it into words. i still cant. i tried to memorize it all, but nothing i will ever say or write will give justice to that interaction with the mayan medicine man.

i found those elements and lessons in every thing i did, saw, smelled, ate, touched and breathed. ultimately, that is the best description i can give of what i learned and what i anticipate remembering for the rest of time.