Monday, February 16, 2009


valentine's day 2009 may have quite possibly been my most favorite valentine's day ever. (last year's is a very close second, though!) not only did i have a valentine from home send me flowers (thanks james<3) but i was in prague with three girls who i have come to call my new best friends. we danced the night away in the city that is home to the fred and ginger dancing building and we laid on the ground to look up at brillantly white stars in the city that is home to the most beautiful astronomical clock.

i did think a lot about last valentine's day, though. boston... the girls... thortons... all of which don't seem to be very prevalent in my life at the time being... which makes me sad... but happy at the same time, because the amount that i miss said things means that they must mean an extreme amount to me. (let it be known that i miss boston and the girls much more than i do thortons!)

but back to prague... our flight was great. our hostel was so nice. the people we met were insanely interesting. on saturday night we were on our way out the door, and all the people staying in the hostel were waiting on the sidewalk outside about to go into town... so we walked down with them. as we were walking, i looked around at them and realized that i was part of a group of travelers. we were from all over the world, speaking different languages, all here for different reasons, all at different points in our lives, but at that moment, we were all united by this walk we were taking in the center of prague. we were all about to experience a new city and new people. we all had open minds and open hearts. and we all had an amazing saturday night.

prague is such a gorgeous city. absolutely breathtaking. ever where i turned it seemed as if i was in a painting. the colors were muted, mostly, but at times, splashes of intensity caught ones eye. the astronomical clock was truly memorizing. we went to a torture museum which was utterly disturbing. we went to the prague castle and felt incredibly tiny. the vastness and eeriness of the city at night was quite humbling though, a nice break from the chaos of london.

<3 Rd

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