Thursday, February 5, 2009

post & plans.

Exciting things happening lately:

I got two cool things in the mail...

A package from James<3 and my contract and employee handbook from Modus.

Also, my roommates and I planned and booked a bunch of trips. These are the things we have planned on the weekends...

Feb 6-8: Museums in London
Feb 13-15: Valentine's Day in Prague
Feb 20-22: Fashion Week in London
Feb 27-1: Sightseeing in Paris
Mar 6-8: Kbug, Kim & Nat in London
Mar 13-14: Sport (Football & Cricket) in London
Mar 20-22: Left over St. Patty's Day stuff in Dublin
Mar 27-29: Cliff Jumping/ Adventure Trip in Wales
Apr 3-4: Horseback riding in Hyde Park
Apr 9-13: Easter in the French Riviera
Apr 17-10: Amsterdam...
Apr 24-26: Learning Greek History in Athens
May 1-3: Last Weekend in London

Pretty cool, huh!?


1 comment:

alison said...

exciting plans! how are you traveling to Prague? train or plane? after all of Italy - it is my favorite place in all of Europe!! :) enjoy, and pack WARM clothes... they will have snow xo