Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ugly betty wears prada.

my internship started this week. and i have loads to write about my weekend in prague. but this is all running through my mind a mile a minute right now...

i wore charcoal dress pants and a black shirt to work yesterday.. and i was far to over dressed. everyone wears what ever they feel like, but definitely not business dress. (mom - i might be shipping back all my professional clothes in hopes you would ship me some of my every day clothes... but we'll chat about that later).

i am the youngest intern at the moment. but there are new interns every couple weeks or so because the modus internship program lasts 3 months at a time. the accounts i got put on directly include uniqlo, etro and lara bohinc... but i work closely will all the other fashion clients, as well. i spent my first day hanging out in the show room organizing clothes by color... trying on breathtakingly beautiful shoes, wearing expensive designer sunglasses and holding hangers up under my chin while twirling around imagining myself in one of these couture gowns.

i desperately wish i would take photos of the show room. its stunning. and its just one more part of my life that allows me to literally be surrounded by art.

the people are great. the girls are hilarious. and so stylish. and absolutely beautiful. one of them used to be an intern when she was a junior (and went through the AIFS program, as well), went home to finish school, and then came back to london and to modus because she loved it so much. i don't know what i'm implying... i just thought that ought to be mentioned.

our crazy office is like a librarians desk... only with shoes, clothes, bags, scarves, magazines, hangers and boxes.. everywhere. it is the absolute definition of organized chaos. we have to be very meticulous when booking items in and out. the system is exactly like a library. editors and art directors come to modus and pull items they want from the show room. then we pack them up and either ship them through ups or deliver them if they are close. and everything is close. piccadilly circus is the center of the london fashion world. in my first day i made deliveries to glamour, vogue, and the puma store. i also drank about 5 cups of coffee because i worked from 9 to 6 and was absolutely exhausted.

after lunch, the list was posted saying who's working at what fashion shows. picture the anticipation and anxiety associated with the list posted saying who gets the lead role after and intense audition... needless to say, there was a lot of drama (don't mind the pun). i was absolutely thrilled on my part, though, because on friday night i will be helping out at the london fashion week puma runway show. the founder of the company made an announcement regarding the pissy moods of some of the girls. he said that he gets at least 20 emails a day from fashion school students and really just people from all over the world asking if their assistance is needed at any of the shows and he kindly declines their offers because he saves that terribly chic role for his interns. i was absolutely thrilled.

another cool thing... keira knightly stopped by the other day to pick out some make up from the beauty department. emma watson was in last week to get a dress to wear to the bafta awards. eva mendez was in a few days before that to pick up a ferragamo bag. siena miller pops in sometimes because her line, twenty8twelve, is one of our accounts and she drops off new samples.

all our clients are constantly seen in the london papers and magazines. i had to put pack a bally shirt yesterday that had just come in from a shoot with sheryl crow. the moment i hung it on the rack, an editor from bazaar came in and pulled it for a shoot shes doing later this week with kate hudson.

i'm sure there's a bunch more details i'm leaving out at the moment, but i will be sure to write another novel post after lfw is over.

<3 Rd.

ps. my english accent is getting quite good.


Adamo said...

this is going to seem like a silly question but im curious: do you not capitalize so as to make every word equal?

good stuff!

rcd826 said...

i just prefer the aesthetics of lower case letters as opposed to upper case ones. =P