Monday, February 23, 2009

lfw, shopping & clouds.

this weekend i attended london fashion week, i met tyson beckford, he kissed my cheek, i went on a mini shopping spree, i feel in love with this new kind of drink which is made from rain water and fruit and has no artificial sweeteners or additives, i went to the most exclusive club in london with pretty much everyone i have met so far, i went grocery shopping and cooked dinner for my flat mates and neighbors and i have been learning an insane about about memes which is such an insane topic. 

also, byron visited on saturday (he is a friend from emmanuel who is studying in a different part of england who came to london for the weekend). he was the first familiar face i have seen since i've been here, and the only word i can use to describe seeing him is comfort. he reminded me of everyone i missed from boston. he picked an absolutely amazing night to visit and we had an epic time. 

but i must get back to my paper on memes. 


ps. paris on friday!!!!


alison said...

Paris - city of lights, art, lovers, and fashion! Oh, how glorious :) Be sure to enjoy a crepe filled with nutella (and maybe some strawberries thrown in for good measure) as you wander the streets in wonder. :) xo

Claudia said...

mon bébé doux. ...revell dans chaque minute de tous les jours. je souhaite que je pourrais vous joindre mais ayant cette puce électronique implanté dans votre âne devra fait pour le moment. le beaucoup d'amour, momma <3