Friday, January 16, 2009


I had an absolutely amazing day today. Here's what happened:

Woke up. Ate breakfast with Dana & Scott. Waited at the bus stop to go into town. Bumped into Jules (the one from London) who spontaneously decided to come with us. Met up with Lindsey & Kristen who were already in the city. Ate lunch at this cute place called Giraffe. Went to a meeting with the internship advisors (will explain in more detail once I know what's happening for sure). Got rained on. Did a little window shopping. Walked around London. Photographed some major sites. Had a cocktail at the this trendy restaurant. Made a list of all the things we hope to do. Walked across the Tower Bridge. Came back to Richmond. Ate dinner. Talked to James. Uploaded some photos. And now we are figuring out where we want the night to take us...

My heart skips beats sometimes because of how much fun I am having.

Tomorrow we are going to Portobello Market, which is in West London and is one of the most famous street markets in the world. And then on a Night Cruise down the River Thames, which flows right through the city. One of my heels broke last night... that's a good enough excuse to buy new shoes for me. ;)

Please send me updates on your lives.

Roomates are cracking up in the other room... need to go join.

Love & Miss,

ps. I wore a floppy black hat today which reminded me of someone I know. ;)


Claudia said...

the pastry shoppe looks amazing!
happy momma

Joseph said...

I'm "wowzahed"by the bridge and jealous because you were able to walk on the top of it. What a site it must have been. Love Happy Happy Daddy

Humbert Pesquela said...

Hope you put the lists I sent to good use. I've a few more friends who've a townhouse in Kensington - who you can imagine - are very well connected and into the London art scene.