Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My journey has officially begun.

I am sitting in the airport, which I have decided might possibly be the saddest and most exciting place on earth. My flight is one day later than planned. I am not sure why it was delayed, but I am not complaining. Getting to spend one more day at home was sort of nice.

I am hungry but I don’t feel like eating. It’s 5:15, two more hours until boarding, two and a half more hours until departure. My wallet is filled with a mix of dollars and pounds, which makes me feel happy and cool.

I am people watching and eavesdropping. I have met two people going to London, Amanda and Mark. They seem nice.

Having my house filled with all the people I love last Saturday was quite lovely. Saying goodbye to my friends and family was tough, though – especially here at Logan. I definitely wasn’t expecting my dad to cry, but it was no surprise when my mom and brother did… I was glad Kate was here to lighten up the mood. And I was glad to have a little movie-goodbye moment with James in the center of a globe that was painted on the floor.

These last few days… these last few weeks… actually, these last few months in the states have been really great. I had an amazing fall semester and winter break. I am leaving a piece of my heart on a hill in Boston, hoping its still there when I return.

Right now, I feel a happy-sadness. I’m nervous about starting over, making new friends, living in a new city and creating a new routine. I’m anxious to become a more cultured, experience and knowledgeable person. I’m scared about missing things back home and not being part of my friends’ memories that they will make over the next 6 months. I’m excited to dress up and wear high heels everyday… and to perfect my British accent.

Just met another person, her name is Ellen... she likes vampires.

I am thinking about how happy I am that I went sledding the other day. Also, I am thinking about how happy I am that I have 3 midnight milky ways in my backpack. I’m going to go eat one now.

Miss everyone already.

<3 Rd

ps. i forgot a toothbrush.


Joseph said...

Rachel, We are glad you got to London safe and starting to settle in. Knowing who you are you will make the most out of your trips. We already miss the company of the 3 stooges (Rachel,Kate&Jim).
Luv from your sad Daddy.
P.S.Rach if you think I'm watching Kate for 5 months while you're gone you're crazy. Already had to hear a post office........

Humbert Pesquela said...

About the toothbrush: the Brits don't use them anyway. Haven't you heard?!