Sunday, January 25, 2009

camden town.

Just got home from Camden Markets. It was another tick off our "Things To Do" checklist.

There were a bunch of cool vintage shops and tables set up with handmade items and artwork. I bought two pairs of boots and I was really tempted to buy these beautiful painted light bulbs... but I figured I didn't need them here and I would probably break them before I got them back to the States...

The ethnic mix at the markets was comparable to Epcot.. seriously. We had Chinese food for dinner and it was delicious. The local artists in London are amazing. They see the world in ways I never could have imagined. I'm going to buy some canvases before I leave.. and I will hang them in my room for inspiration. I want to always be reminded of how beautiful life is, and how every one sees it so differently.

I think I enjoyed Camden so much because we went at night after it had just rained and all the bright lights reflected off the misty cobblestone streets. It was stunning.



alison said...

check out #16

rcd826 said...

we justtttt watched alfie.