Wednesday, January 28, 2009

modus & museum.

Natural History Museum, check.

That's me hanging out with Charlie Darwin. =) The museum was very interesting... The architecture was amazing... But my favorite part was watching loads of little English school kids running around in their uniforms and shouting things out in their British accents.

I got the internship I wanted!

Modus Publicity is the company I will be working at for the next few months. They are a fashion & beauty public relations and marketing company. Their client list is huge! I will be helping out in the show rooms... keeping all the collections organized. I will be assisting photographers, editors and journalists of major newspapers and magazines when they come in to take a peek. I will be helping out at big events, store openings, photo shoots and runway shows. I will need to start a couple weeks early because London Fashion week is in February and I have to absorb as much industry knowledge and information as I can before then. Therefore, I am going to have to turn into a sponge.

Cheers mate,


alison said...

congrats on the internship!

Adamo said...

An internship abroad eh? Sounds pretty awesome. Good luck!

Alex said...

oooOOO c-darwin holds a special place in my heart. mmmph.

and congrats on the internship! that sounds PERFECT for you!!!

rcd826 said...

when i put that pic on facebook i planned on tagging you as charles darwin, al!!!