Saturday, March 14, 2009

you may say i'm dreamer.

this week was jam packed.

i went out for indian food for the first time with some girls from work. it was delicious. now i know what the big fuss is about chicken tikki masala. and there goes another "to do in london" thing i can cross off my list.

i did hot yoga again.

i went out to lunch by myself. i asked for a table for 1, and sat down, ordered. i stayed their for my entire lunch break. i read my book and i people watched and it was a lovely afternoon.

i went to a school play that my flatmate was in.

i had an amazing conversation with my boss at work about life and traveling and careers. i now may possibly be going to south africa for an extended period of time after i graduate.

i met dana for lunch at cha cha moon, and we began planning out our after the term adventure. tentatively, we plan on going to nice and to morocco.

i started researching the best places to go on a tour of italy, and the best ways to get there. and kate has officially bought her plane ticket. i will be meeting her in milan on may 17th. words can't express my excitement.

i went to a play in the west end called three days of rain. it was the best live performance i have ever seen. james mcavoy was phenomenal. it rained real rain on stage. it tugged at my heart strings. it brought tears to my eyes.

kristen and i ate mexican food and drank margaritas on friday and ate italian food and drank wine on saturday. we went to two restaurants that were on our list of things "to do in london".

i spent the day working at modus on saturday and made a little bit of money. the winter 09 collections are in and they are beautiful. burnt orange is the pantone color of the season.

we went shopping in east london, on brick lane and to the spitalfield markets. it's hipster central, full of artists, designers and street fashion. i got some great vintage stuff, went in to some beautiful old book stores and saw some awesome painted brick murals. as i was browsing through the stands with old coats and boots and dresses and skirts, i couldnt help but wonder why on earth you threw/gave away all your old clothes, gagi. what i would do to go back in time as you were bagging them up and getting rid of them and tell you, "don't do it... save them. save them for the granddaughter you are going to have someday." conclusion: east london is a great place to be, i want to live there someday and going shopping there yesterday is just another thing to cross off that list.

the boys from next door came home from their holiday last night. they had a bunch of stories to tell us and were talking a mile a minute. in the 15 minute span i was over their listening to them... i think i laughed more than i have all week. i miss them when they're not around.

today is sunday, and i am not leaving richmond. its sunny and beautiful and i am going to spend the day reading in the park, doing homework and appreciating what a beautiful, little english town i live in.


ps. dublin next weekend!!!


Claudia said...

" i may possibly be going to south africa for an extended period of time after i graduate"......what exactly does that mean?

Kate said...

hahhhaah ya what does that mean?? also, words cant explain my excitement either rach <3 i really like this post esp the title. it made me realize how poetic you and the john lennon are.

rcd826 said...

i am not worthy to have my poetic-ness compared to john lennon....