Saturday, March 7, 2009

little pieces of boston.

so the girls visited. it was great. i brought them to our favorite pub, around richmond, around london... we saw big ben, westminster... we ate fish n' chips, we went to a rugby game... we got dressed up and went out for the night in kensington... we went shopping on sunday, and the boys cooked us dinner.

having a part of home visit was a really comforting feeling. i think the thing i like best about my emmanuel friends is we are so used to being apart for a couple months out of the year that we can go a while without seeing eachother, but it never feels like any time has passed. we always pick up right where we left off. it's great.

miss them already. and everyone else from home, too.

<3 Rd

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Kate said...

rach.... i do still dont get the cemetary obsesssion. just noticed u mentioned it in the paris blog. u r a nut. i love u