Saturday, February 13, 2010

live to tell the tale.

i don't write anymore. and i miss it.

just because i am not traveling quite so much, doesn't mean i can't write about the beauty and appreciation i find in every day things.

i'm going to twist the purpose of the blog around. it won't be simply to document trips. it will be to record memories and emotion and the life that i find everywhere i go.

this will give me a good excuse to keep a camera close by. (if i really needed one). this will be another creative outlet for me to invest time and energy in. it will be another source of inspiration.

i will start with italy, in retrospect. i will use the past to remind me about the present. and hopefully after those words finally spill out of my fingers, they won't stop.

you don't have to leave where you are to travel to another place.

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