Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter weekend.

when our weekend trip to spain got cancelled and we found out the forecast for the weekend in london was nothing but drizzle, our hopes were sort of crushed. almost ever person in london has traveled out of the city for the weekend... whether its to the family's house in the country or to a warm beach in italy. kristen, etosha, lucy and i remained here, though. in drizzly london. for the weekend. but we had loads of fun anyway.

on thursday we went out for a big dinner in richmond. we each got 3 courses and hung out in the resturant for hours. its nice when you find a group of girls that have good chemistry and can talk and talk about love and life.

on friday morning i met etosha under london bridge to go to a market. it took me forever to get there because the tube system gets confused on the weekends. it was worth the effort though. the market was amazing. there was nothing to buy there but food. delicious food. i went starving and left completely stuffed. the smells were indescribable. the tastes were perfect. i have such an appreciation for markets. i think they are the best way to see the local culture of certain parts of what ever city you are in. cheese was the main focus of this market... cheese and bread. and the samples were to die for. im so glad etosha forced me into going with her. i never would have known about it otherwise. it also made my brand new white plimsols not so brand new white anymore... which is good because i looked like a dweeb.

the rest of the weekend sort of all melted together because there was nothing too distinguishable to separate day from day. i went to see a movie by myself at an old movie theater in richmond on the thames. it was really lovely. i went groccery shopping. i picked some flowers. i read my book under an umbrella in the park.

a penny fell out of my purse and landed heads up. a little boy picked it up and started to hand it to me. i told him it was from america and he could keep it if he wanted to. as he put it in his pocket i told him not to loose it because it was good luck. he ran to find his dad, holding his hand on his thigh to make sure the penny didn't jump out.

i spent another night with a bunch of friends drinking down by the river. it was devans birthday. it was nice to be surrounded by a group of people who love being together. the river is amazing. once it gets warm so much of life revolves around that river. it doesnt matter if its drizzly. as long as the night is nice and the breeze is warm, the river is amazing.

and yes, kate, every time i walk down there i think about that bruce song.

i went out to east london one day. i saw the tapestry replica of picasso's guernica. it was amazing. never has one image captured to much despair. i guess the original painting was displayed at the very same gallery in 1939. it was the beginning of all anti-war protests and propoganda. it made east london the artsy-liberal side of the city that its known as today. picasso is amazing.

i had an easter dinner with some friends from work. we went to a pub and ordered the easter dinner special. it consisted of roast beef, pototoes, yorkshire pudding and veggies. it was ok. we also played monopoly, so that was cool.

i have half of a chocolate egg left to eat. some homework to do. and a bunch of magazines to look through. im hoping tomorrow is sunny so i can find a park to go to.

<3 R


Kate said...

im glad u think of " the river " rach & because of what u told me i now think of u when i hear it too :)

one of the best bruce lines ever came from that song.... "is a dream a lie if it dont come true, or is it something worse?"

James said...

i'm guessing a dweed is comparable to the term nerd or geek or lame-o or dweeb. so, no matter how your shoes look, you're still a dweed.

loves always, james

rcd826 said...

darn it. i can never spell right.

alison said...

hahaha - I didn't even catch the typo! I just read it as dweeb. but I don't know what plinksols are - or whatever kind of shoes you mentioned, so I guess that probably makes me a nerd or a geek, or a dweed, too - but for different reasons... xo

rcd826 said...

i changed the typo... and plimsols are little white sneakers. =)